Man’s Dominion over Nature

Man’s dominion over nature is not the result of a mystical process. Rather it is the result of his obedience to natural laws, and the use of his mind in accordance with them. Dominion of nature is not a gift or a birthright, it is a glory that has been earned by Man.


One thought on “Man’s Dominion over Nature

  1. An objective truth is empirically evident and logically consistent. For centuries we regarded the square root of minus one as an “imaginary” number, an abstraction with no reality, a subjectivist taunt that you can “prove anything with logic.” But the engineering of alternating current electricity includes so-called “imaginary” numbers. Moreover, modern physics conceptualizes electricity as a field, not as little balls of minus signs. Even before the 1940s, electrical engineers conceptualized the transmission of alternating current as the creation of fields. Again, quantum mechanics, often touted as argument against objective knowledge, was validated by the direct practical application of a theoretical construct.

    A is A. Reality is real. Contradictions do not exist. Only when obeyed, can nature be commanded.

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