Rational Beatitudes

Blessed is the independent – he paves new paths to greater heights.

Blessed is the just – he is a disciple of the earth.

Blessed is the producer – he creates the world in his own image.

Blessed is he who rejoices – the earth exists for his sake.

Blessed is the certain – he has found the truth.

Blessed is the man of integrity – he has found peace.

Blessed is the proud – he has earned the glory of the earth.

Blessed is he who fights for good – the future is made by, and belongs to, him.

Blessed is the man of the mind – he is the mover of the world.


4 thoughts on “Rational Beatitudes

  1. If it had been said 2000 years ago, would anyone have understood? We take our progress for granted. We marvel at the material constructs rightfully; and at the same time, we are shamed and shocked by the mentality (or complete lack of it) of earlier times. But those are no more immoral than a saddle without stirrups or a carriage without springs.

    Thank you for putting these thoughts into easy forms. Now, we just need to transmit them widely.

    • You are right. Before the industrial revolution there might have been some excuse for not realizing that man’s mind is his means of survival. But no longer. Not when surrounded by our great citys, planes, trains, cars, boats, skyscrapers, or hospitals.

  2. Not bad. Here’s a few more. Blessed are those who…

    Love themselves. If you don’t have this love you cannot love others.

    Love their family. They are your heritage, part of yourself.

    Help those who, through no fault of their own, are in need.

    Love truth. Knowledge brings light to the darkness.

    Love justice. Otherwise evil will triumph.

    Live life with honor, practicing morality.

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