The Three Graces


4 thoughts on “The Three Graces

  1. Once again, a celebration of life on earth.

    The Three Graces were Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia. Aglaia is splendor or glory and Thalia is bounty. Euphrosyne us more nuanced; and really means something like “karma” i.e., getting back what you give. (eu=high; phro=bear; syn=together) In Christian times, the Three Graces were transmogrified into Faith, Hope, and Charity – and given clothes. However, their classical forms and format endures because hellenism – reason and love of life – never died out and in any case enjoyed a renaissance.

    You can enjoy a gallery load of these via internet searches. In ancient times, the Three Graces were a popular topic for commercial sculptors.

  2. Questiion: Why do females appear sexless? It is easy to find (neo)classical art in which males are anatomically correct. Women are a different problem. Seemingly, art (“Art”) denies the sexuality of Woman. Perhaps thiis is Bibilical. Perhaps it is Freudian. Perhaps it is phallocentric. Perhaps iit is something else.

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