The Three Graces


Rational Beatitudes

Blessed is the independent – he paves new paths to greater heights.

Blessed is the just – he is a disciple of the earth.

Blessed is the producer – he creates the world in his own image.

Blessed is he who rejoices – the earth exists for his sake.

Blessed is the certain – he has found the truth.

Blessed is the man of integrity – he has found peace.

Blessed is the proud – he has earned the glory of the earth.

Blessed is he who fights for good – the future is made by, and belongs to, him.

Blessed is the man of the mind – he is the mover of the world.

Man’s Dominion over Nature

Man’s dominion over nature is not the result of a mystical process. Rather it is the result of his obedience to natural laws, and the use of his mind in accordance with them. Dominion of nature is not a gift or a birthright, it is a glory that has been earned by Man.

Andrew Carnegie: Titan of Industry

The Amazing Life of Andrew Carnegie

“The highest type of human being-the self-made man-the American industrialist” – Ayn Rand

Worthy Of Worship

Greek sculpture, in Louvre Museum

“Man is an end in himself. Romantic love—the profound, exalted, lifelong passion that unites his mind and body in the sexual act—is the living testimony to that principle.” – Ayn Rand